Bulent Licis and 6 Life Lessons That Can Be Adaptable To Entrepreneurship

Bulent Licis and 6 Life Lessons That Can Be Adaptable To Entrepreneurship

Bulent Licis and 6 Life Lessons That Can Be Adaptable To Entrepreneurship

Bulent Licis, one of Cyprus’s leading business people, said that technical competence is not enough to succeed in the business world, and strong business ethics should support these technical skills.

Bulent Licis has worked in globally leading companies in business and software technologies, and then with his knowledge, he established a corporate technology company in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Bulent Licis achieved success at a young age and is remembered with respect by everyone he worked with. We asked Bulent Licis,

What is the secret of Bulent Licis’s success?

Bulent Licis stated that success is not limited to age and technical competence, but business ethics matters.

Respected business person Bulent Licis; He listed six life lessons that should be remembered by entrepreneurs and anyone who steps into business life in any sector as follows.

1. Never give up

Successful people start telling their stories from the time their luck is on their side. Most people don’t succeed on their first, second, or third attempt. If a person is considered successful in this day and age ; it should be known that he did not give up and keep trying.

2. Stay away from people who say, “You can’t succeed.”

“Loneliness doesn’t make you unsuccessful, but if there are people around you who are constantly telling you that you will fail, it affects you. Stay away from people who sap your energy and constantly comment negatively, and if possible, being with successful people like you will increase your enthusiasm. It supports you on the way to where you want to reach.”

3.  ” Stay Calm ”

“As I said at the beginning, everything may not go well. Keep your cool as you keep trying. Your calmness and success in managing crises will affect your business as a whole, and actually, most of the problems will be solved in this way. ”

4. Don’t be the third step! Create a new ladder for yourself

There is a saying I heard in a seminar I attended abroad during my student years. Ever since I heard that saying, I have never forgotten. You don’t have to create a new market, you can also be the leader’s opponent, but 3rd never works. Don’t be afraid to develop new ideas; you should believe that creating new ideas is less risky than being among the dozens of companies that repeat the current idea.

5. Do more

It doesn’t matter if you are an employer or an employee. Instead of doing what is asked of you, develop the idea given to you if you have the potential and time. If you’re an employee, you might think your bosses don’t understand you. Do not worry and do not give up; you will definitely see the appreciation you deserve, even in another place/time. ”

6. Feelings Are Never Forgotten

“Keep in mind that people don’t forget emotions, no matter what job you are doing. The product/service may become old or forgotten, but how you make people feel is always remembered. Focus on what your hope feels like, ”Things with the soul will be ageless.”

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