Color Significance in a Marketing Campaign

Color Significance in a Marketing Campaign

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Color Significance in a Marketing Campaign


Pazarlama Kampanyasında Renklerin Önemi


Color Significance in a Marketing Campaign

The researchers have developed a workspace devoted to questioning the colors used in the marketing campaign and how they affect us. Marketing worked greatly to determine what colors would be applied to products, advertising, websites, and points of sale in order to influence people’s purchasing decisions and to achieve an increase in sales.

According to Bülent Liçis, the colors we see walking in the stores or on the streets have a great effect on our psychology and decision to buy. The vast majority of products and ads have a strong color strategy component designed by the experts in this discipline.

Market researchers discover that color significantly influences people’s purchasing habits, says Bülent Lichis. Impulsive shoppers respond better to red, orange, black, and blue, while shoppers who plan their shopping more respond better to light pink, light blue, and navy blue.

So, which colors evoke what exactly?


Customers who choose red are usually extroverted and dynamic. Red color is related to attractive flavors; expresses desire and strong pride.


Customers who choose yellow tend to be intellectual. This color is also considered as an emitted source of temperature and inspiration. It is recommended that you announce “news or offers” in this color.


Customers who choose this color are analytical and calmer.


People who prefer blue in all shades control their emotions well. It is also a favorite color for children and teenagers. It reflects peace and tranquility and is highly recommended for durable household products.


People who buy orange products are usually cheerful. The color of orange movement, euphoria and generosity.


People who are inclined to turn to this color have artistic, mystical and religious tastes. This color has an impact on the perfume industry for women.


Most regular and disciplined customers like this color. It also evokes a stable and healthy life.


Customers who prefer black love conservatism, elegance and common sense.


People who prefer white are people with refined tastes and tend to be closed in their opinions.


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