How Being A Good Person Can Advance Your Career?

How Being A Good Person Can Advance Your Career?

April 9, 2021 Entrepreneurship 0

How Being A Good Person Can Advance Your Career?

Kindness, could be the key to professional success?

Are you looking for a new job or trying to progress at your job?

You can also try to be gentle.

Bulent Licis, a businessperson who employs hundreds of people, drew attention to the fact that gentle people build better friendships, and in this context, the equivalent in business life to create stronger connections.

So why is being a good person important for your career?

Bülent Liçis lists the benefits of courtesy to your professional life as follows:

It allows you to make a positive first impression!

“It is now known that the decision on a candidate is mostly made within the first 5 seconds of the interview. The best way to evaluate these 5 seconds is with a sincere smile. ”

Makes it easier for others to help you!

“Business life requires collective work and if you are kind, it will be easier for others to help you. Thus and so, you will do your job better.

You might think If you had to choose between helping someone who’s always been with you, or helping someone who doesn’t use their resources on your behalf, which one would you choose?

You can also take the benefits of being courteous when looking for a new job. Being remembered as a good person allows you to be recommended for suitable positions by your acquaintances. In a 2010 interview at Princeton University, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos highlighted the importance of courtesy and stated that being kind makes a person successful in ways that go beyond business.

You can choose to be kind to help others or to benefit yourself.

Bulent Licis

Both will feed each other, above all, you.

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