Bulent Licis: Sustainable Development and Green Growth

Bulent Licis: Sustainable Development and Green Growth

Bulent Licis: Sustainable Development and Green Growth

What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is not just a concept related to the environment. In addition to the environmental dimension, social, economic, and energy dimensions complement sustainable development.

The basic foundations of this Concept, carrying capacity of the environment, take care of intergenerational equity in resource use are the factors that make up the synergy of development and the environment.

The definition of sustainable development is “Thinking about future generations’ needs while meeting the needs of our generation.”

What is Green Growth?

Green growth refers to a growth process that can be applied according to the countries’ changing geographical-environmental conditions, minimizes ecological risks, considers future generations without harming the environment, and includes a new economic growth paradigm for existing systems.

A New Way Needed: Green Growth

Famous businessperson Bulent Licis graduated from Kocaeli University Environmental Engineering. He explained that this insufficiency of sustainable development caused the need for a new path, and “Practical measures on environment and development have become insufficient, so a new path was needed. It is the one which meets this need is Green Growth.”

Bulent Licis said that green growth is a different model from sustainable development practice is wrong. He stated that the two concepts are different from each other. Bulent Licis noted, “The main difference between these two phenomena; green growth does not include the social component of sustainable development. When green growth is compared with sustainable development, there is a breakdown in its goals.”

Bulent Licis emphasized that green growth has been adopted by many countries, such as sustainable development. ”But unlike sustainable development, it should be encouraged to balance economic growth and development concerns about environmental damage with long-term economic growth planning.”

Significant Developments revealing Sustainable Development

Some of the developments that bring out sustainable development in international platforms with high importance are as follows:

The most important is, The Human Environment Conference (Stockholm), 1980 World Conservation Strategy, 1987 Brundtland Report of the classic definition of sustainable development by the UN Environment and Development Commission. 1992 Rio Summit and Agenda 21, 2002 Johannesburg Sustainable Development Summit, 2012 UN Sustainable Development Conference (Rio + 20) and 2015 UN Sustainable Development Summit in the USA.

What Are The Green Growth Indicators?

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has gathered its green growth indicators around four primary purposes. These purposes are low carbon, resource-efficient economy, protection of the natural asset base, improvement of people’s quality of life, and awareness of the economic opportunities provided by green growth through the implementation of appropriate policy measures.

Bulent Licis answered the question of ”Why the green growth model is so important” in an interview; ”In the decision-making phase, it will lead to the unification of economic, environmental and social issues and will pave the way for real development.”

Bulent Licis: Sustainable Development and Green Growth


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