3 Principles That Should Not Be Forgotten While On The Way To Success

3 Principles That Should Not Be Forgotten While On The Way To Success

November 17, 2020 Entrepreneurship, solutions 0

3 Principles That Should Not Be Forgotten While On The Way To Success

Bülent Liçis explained the secret of his success and experience at a young age: I owe it to personal principles. Sometimes financial power is a tool that opens the door to the desired things in life, and sometimes the spiritual hunger for success has made the business a top priority for many. Focusing on survival in today’s world’s harsh conditions, the person alienated himself/herself in pursuit of success. The understanding of life focused on business life, and modernity consumption brought the social crisis with it. The lifestyle of modernism focused on business life, and consumption brought the social crisis with it. People ended their pursuit of happiness while aiming for money, power, and success. In the endless world of objects, pleasure was sought through material satisfaction. What about those who had worked for a single purpose throughout their lives felt when success was achieved, and the desired point was reached?

Bulent Licis, who is the owner of a company operating in the field of software technologies in the TRNC, shared with us three principles that should not be forgotten on the way to success.

Bulent Licis, who has struggled to be successful so far, says that he desires more in every victory. Also, he stated that some pathfinders in this paradox make him both successful and happy.

1. Do What You Love

bülent licis bülent liçis

“Many people say ”love your job”, but even that involves compulsion. The motto of “love your job” is compelling for billions of people who do not like what they do today, where financial gain is getting harder every day and even finding any job is considered a success. I know it is not easy, but we come to this life once, and the essential condition of being satisfied in life is to do the job you love. Many people say they don’t have the time or opportunity to look for their favorite job, but they realize that the present time has to be valued when the point is reached. ”

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Being Rejected

bülent licis bülent liçis

“Do not be ashamed of the things you love and desire, no matter what shoe you buy or an idea that you are passionately attached to. Some people have already given up trying, and when you share ideas with them, they will say that you are after childish dreams. Don’t let these people get you in your way. Don’t be afraid of being rejected, and never stop trying. Success stories are told when things start to go right, but that’s not the case. People who have managed to get to the point they want today are those who have lost and tried again over and over again. This is precisely what makes them successful. ”

3.Keep Your Idea But Don’t Stuck With that idea

bülent licis bülent liçis

“Hold up your opinion, but let your idea evolve and change in life where every day is different from another. Ideas grow and change like living things. Its what is required for the idea to remain valuable. Never stop improving yourself; every experience will teach you new things. When you fail – which you will be – and those moments when you fail – focus on the lesson. ”

3 Principles That Should Not Be Forgotten While On The Way To Success

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