Plural Designs, Bangkok Design Week 2020, “Endless forest from GC”

Plural Designs, Bangkok Design Week 2020, “Endless forest from GC”

December 14, 2020 solutions 0

Plural Designs Bangkok Design Week 2020

Plural Designs opened the pavilion as known as the “forest of eternity from GC” for the 2020 Bangkok design week.

It’s an area that reflects human adaptation and living with nature.

The project demonstrates the importance of managing resources and waste in a sustainable way and the relationship between man-made structures and their environment, including objects of everyday life.

The basic principle of this project is the BCG model, which includes the bio-economy, circular economy, and green economy.

Plural Designs’ design process was carried out in collaboration with experts from various disciplines who propose materials, innovations, and new ideas that create an endless balance.

The project was built with environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials that are glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) certified by energy and environmental design (LEED) standards.

FRP fibers used in the structure of the pavilion are light, durable, fireproof, and reusable.


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