Eco-Friendly Habits That You Can Apply at Home by Bulent Licis

Eco-Friendly Habits That You Can Apply at Home by Bulent Licis

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Eco-Friendly Habits That You Can Apply at Home by Bulent Licis

Although many of us are very sensitive to the environment, sometimes we do not know exactly what to do, and sometimes because of our forgetfulness, we may not be able to fulfill our responsibilities. Environmental Engineer Bulent Liçis reminds us of these responsibilities and our daily habits that are gradually destroying the environment and says that we can make a big difference even while sitting in our homes.

According to Bulent Licis;

According to Bulent Licis, small changes we make in our homes can preserve the habitat or even save the life of a creature thousands of kilometers away. In this article; We will include some of the recommendations of Bulent Licis, who says “Even small things make a big difference”, which will enable us to reduce our impact on the planet.

Turning off the lights

You’ve probably heard this a million times before. Turning the light off when you are leaving the room, even for just a few minutes, really makes a difference to the environment. Because it saves an energy source, albeit it is limited.

Heating Water Sufficiently

Most people boil large amounts of water without determining the amount and temperature of the water they need. Getting a full kettle to boil actually uses enough power to light an entire house. Getting a full kettle to boil point actually uses enough power to light an entire home. Therefore, you can use water heaters that measure how much water is needed, which can help reduce energy use. If you do not want to buy these devices, you can plan the amount and temperature of water you need for a cup of coffee in advance and perform the process.

Limitation of Meat Production

In order to feed cattle, thousands of acres of rainforest are cut down to grow soy crops and grains. In addition, a study conducted by the UN revealed that the greenhouse gas emissions of cattle are far more damaging to the environment than motor vehicles. You might also want to consider avoiding livestock or reducing consumption to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Changing the Way of Travel

The way we travel is one of the biggest environmental pollution factors in our lives. Small changes in your travel habits will significantly affect the environment, the local pollution level, and your health. Therefore, you may want to consider going to work by bike or walk in several times a week or public transport instead of driving.

Reducing Paper Waste

You can take initiatives to reduce paper waste at home and work, and send used paper and cardboard to recycling instead of throwing it away.

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Turning Off the Tap

Leaving the tap turned on while washing dishes or brushing your teeth wastes a large amount of water. It may seem like a minor saving, but soaking the dishes before washing and turning off the tap while brushing your teeth actually reduces the amount of water you use. It is also very important to repair the broken taps and to the toilet. You can make serious contributions to both nature and your budget through these small implementations.

Not choosing to plastic bags

Using reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags from your grocery shopping can really protect nature from a huge poison.

Not Choosing to Use Plastic Packaging

Likewise not buying or reducing plastic packaging; is one of the simplest and most effective solutions you can do for the environment. If you have to buy these products, you can check the recycling numbers on the packaging to see if they are suitable for recycling.

Using the Siphon Correctly

One of the processes that cause the most water use in our homes is undoubtedly flushing. You can also use a low toilet reservoir; to minimize water usage or put a pet bottle filled in your reservoir.

Eco-Friendly Habits That You Can Apply at Home by Bulent Licis

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